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Exercise, Yoga and Accelerated Hair Growth

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The take home message is:  your body is your temple. Treat your body like   royalty and be thankful for it, and I promise you, it will reward you. So far in this blog I have discussed the importance of drinking lots of fresh water (adding lemon juice to create an alkaline environment for the body is a bonus) paying attention to what you put into your body by consuming fresh (and never processed) fruits, vegetables and proteins, and minimizing the stress in your life the best way you can. (Going for a walk, relaxing with friends, reading, drinking green tea, or engaging in any positive, healthy hobby that you may have).

I wish to discuss the importance of physical activity as well as stretching   and its effects on hair growth. You must realize, our bodies were meant and created to move, the act of   staying idle or sedentary is the worst possible thing that you can do to yourself and to your body. We live in an unimaginably rapid paced world and our lives are in such a rush all of the time. Slow down. Slow down and set aside a few minutes out of the day for yourself. Clear your schedule for just 30 minutes to an hour for a few days a week, with the primary focus of investing in your body with exercise and yoga and discover its rejuvenating positive effects, as I have.

Although Yoga has been introduced to the western culture in the early 80’s, The discipline of Yoga has increased substantially in popularity and nowadays our newsfeeds and timelines are filled with motivated fit women and men displaying their creative and sometimes difficult elegant static poses. This physical, mental, spiritual discipline and art-form that is called Yoga originated from pre-vedic Indian traditions.



I have researched the benefits of yoga specifically for hair growth and have discovered that hair loss,  stunted growth and slow hair growth may be due to certain imbalances within the body. Stress, hormonal disorders, disease, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical activity can attribute to imbalance throughout the body. Yoga can work on the causes of hair loss and help restore and maintain balance within the body. Ultimately this benefits the entire system including your hair. Nutrient-rich, blood circulation is the main contributor to continuous, accelerated hair growth, which Yoga facilitates with its various forward-bending   poses or asanas which encourage a steady flow of blood to the scalp and follicles.

Here is a great reference on a better understanding of yoga, as well as various poses that focus on the prevention and remedy of hair loss:

Note: Please consult with your physician before performing or attempting any new physical activity or discipline.


Exercise and hair growth:







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