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Power foods for Scalp Health and Hair Growth




Pumpkin seeds and eggs are just a few of the many natural power foods that promote hair growth and scalp health. Others include: Salmon, almonds, blackberries, raspberries and dark green leafy vegetables, such as kale and collards. Invest in a good quality juicer or blender to help incorporate these beneficial foods into your diet, for everyday or when your on the go.

Three Oils That Penetrate the Hair Shaft

These three oils have been scientifically proven to penetrate the hair shaft:


Avocado oil

Coconut oil

and Olive oil.


This is very important information because not all oils are created alike. Different oils serve different purposes. We must remember, one of the most common culprits of reduced hair growth is hair breakage. Most of the time, the key to longer, stronger hair is preventing this breakage of the hair shaft.



The hair shaft is comprised of the Medulla, Cortex and Cuticle. As you can tell by the picture here, the Cuticle is essentially the outer most portion of the hair shaft. The function of the cuticle is protection. You can think of the hairs’ cuticle as its’ armour. This is a vital component of the hair shaft.  If the hair’s cuticle is damaged, you are in danger of compromising the entire hair shaft, which ultimately can lead to breakage. Breakage then leads to less hair retention which will make it seem as though your hair is not growing, when in actuality it is breaking at the weak points of the hair shaft.


Let me break down how the oils I listed at the beginning of this post can help prevent breakage:


Avocado oil – Contains several vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, D E, amino acids, iron and folic acid. Avocado oil is one of the best oils for moisturizing dry, brittle and damaged hair, thus, preventing and/or reducing breakage.

Coconut oil – Contains fatty acids which bind to the proteins in the hair, protecting the strands from breakage. Coconut oil also contains Vitamin E, K and iron, which help to boost hair growth. This oil contains anti-fungal and anti- bacterial properties which keep the scalp healthy. The scalp must be healthy for proper  and flourishing hair growth.

Olive oil – This oil also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that encourage a healthy scalp. Olive oil contains Vitamins A, E and mono-unsaturated fatty acids which help to coat the shaft of the hair, keeping the strands healthy and protected, making it less prone to breakage.

Again, these oils are actually ABSORBED into the hair, providing an abundance of benefits. Not all oils are able to penetrate the hair shaft, so I would definitely keep these oils as a staple in your haircare regimen.


I use this brand of Avocado oil.  (Refer to link below) The coconut oil that I use is made from Spectrum, it is unrefined and is listed in the previous posts. The olive oil that I incorporate into my hair regimen is cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, which can be found in any local grocery store.










The Importance of Sleep for Hair Growth and Health



Why is sleep so vital for the healthy growth of our hair and overall body functionality? Sleep is a basic need that is crucial to the quality of our livelihood and can often be taken for granted. Adequate sleep is needed to fight off infection, maintain the body’s metabolism and it keeps our mind healthy and alert. The body actually needs sleep in order for survival and the lack of sleep can have many detrimental effects such as depression, weight gain, irritability, lack-luster skin and impaired judgement.
The required hours for sleep vary per individual, with the average falling between 7 to 9. With plenty of quality rest, the process of renewal, rejuvenation and healing can occur successfully. Remember, the body’s goal is to keep us alive and functioning, if there is a lack of sleep, this causes poor health, and the body will then divert its attention to the most important issue at hand, our vital organs that are necessary for life. This simply means that hair growth and health will become secondary.
So it is truly the lack of sleep that can create a negative effect, and environment for hair, stunting healthy hair growth. Invest in a satin pillow, and try to reduce stress before sleep. I do this by meditating with my favorite tunes, practicing yoga and completing a series of stretches before sleep. I also drink a glass of water before rest as it always seems to help me to relax as well. Do yourself a favor and give your body the quality sleep it deserves and in return it will grant you repairing, restorative, and revitalizing properties for great hair health as well as overall body health.



Be you. Be True.

Provide an Attractive Environment for Hair Growth




Health is truly your wealth. These are powerful words not just on the topic of hair. You are only as healthy as your diet and what you choose to eat, as well as how you choose to take care of your body which is your temple, right? This question leads us to what it takes to grow healthy, strong, thriving natural hair. I am a firm believer that diet, exercise, use or lack of heat, hair manipulation levels and stress levels play an integral part in hair health. I have personally witnessed the difference in my hair growth rate and hair health as my diet improved from when I was in my early freshman college days. To fill you in, I was always on the go, stressed, working several jobs and eating take-out on a regular basis. My hair at the time was relaxed, and was always in a slick bun, edges laid flat with hair gel.
My hair seemed relatively healthy, because it was always in the protective style of a bun, however, I had numerous split ends, and obvious dryness, a direct effect of the relaxer and blow-dryer. Another observation, my hair would never grow past my shoulder blades. Fast forward a few years later to me having a great career, becoming more conscious of what I was eating, preparing my own meals at home, drinking plenty of water, and learning to take out time for myself. I was no longer being pulled in a million and one directions, and I decided to stop putting relaxers in my hair and stop using direct or any heat for that matter at all. The first major observation besides the fullness my hair was rapid growth. I transitioned and slowly cut all the relaxed ends off to where I had about a shoulders length worth of chemical free hair. My split ends were gone, with the absence of heat use, and my hair was not nearly as dry as it was in the past. I started using natural, organic products in my hair, and eventually began making my own natural hair products and conditioners that I still use to this day.
I became amazed at the texture, fullness, length, and strength of my hair. I was no longer dependent on chemicals and I was in complete control of the health of my hair. I extensively researched which foods aid in hair health and growth as well as the overall health of the body. I also researched which foods hindered or inhibited hair health, which ultimately was not very beneficial to the body, and I avoided these foods. I studied several natural oils and ingredients that can be used to clean the scalp, hair shaft and moisturize as well as condition the hair. Ultimately, I developed a hair routine and regimen that worked for me and that has allowed my natural hair to reach lengths that I never thought was possible for my particular texture. I always knew my hair would grow, I just never imagined it would grow (and is still growing) to its current length! Of course I realize now that this type of thinking was foolish. I believe that regardless of genetics, with proper care, maintenance and devotion, hair, of any type of texture can and will grow to great lengths.
Be you. Be True.

Hydrate Your Roots


The average human body is made up of approximately 60% of the life sustaining liquid that we call water. Our bodies crave it, and so does our hair. I try to drink as much water as possible, as I find it energizes and rejuvenates me throughout my day. Water is beneficial in that it flushes out toxins, allows internal hydration, aids in skin, nail and hair cell renewal and energizes our muscles.
I remember the days when I didn’t consume an adequate amount of water, I felt lethargic and sluggish. However I noticed a positive change in the growth, strength and overall health of my hair as I started to drink more water. Not only did I start drinking water more often (about 1.5 Liters a day) I also began to incorporate it into my haircare regimen as I would lightly spritz the ends of my hair with water daily and then apply a sealing oil to retain the added moisture. The amount of water you drink on a daily basis is up to your discretion, I just wanted to point out that on your journey to healthy, strong natural hair, incorporating more water into your diet is a must.
You can add a squeeze of lemon or lime zest to liven up the taste a bit, or just experience the refreshing, quenching taste of water without adding anything!

Be you. Be True.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair


Oh how I love coconut oil for my natural hair! I discovered the wonderful benefits of coconut oil later on in my transition to natural, chemical-free hair. I was looking for something to keep my hair moisturized, shiny, and soft, but without the feeling of weighing down my hair like some of the beneficial, yet heavier oils.

Check out the benefits of this beautiful oil which gives freshly washed hair a light but clean tropical smell.

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E as well as vitamin K and also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties to improve scalp health, which ultimately improves the follicles and hair shaft. Coconut oil also acts as a sort of protein shield as it penetrates our hair shaft, preventing breakage. This is very important as the key to longer hair (if this is your goal) is to prevent breakage.

I have included a link for coconut oil at the end of this post for those who would like to begin incorporating this healing, effective and nutrient rich oil in their hair regimen. Please comment below and share your experiences with coconut oil. Thank you.

Be you. Be True.